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LED Floodlights with Motion Sensor/Dusk-to-Dawn
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LED Floodlights with Motion Sensor/Dusk-to-Dawn

Item No: HAYW2001-10W
Power: 10W
Beam: 120°
Delivery Time: 7-15 days after payment
MOQ: 1 pc
 contact us for trade prices please

 LED Floodlights can be with Dusk-to-Dawn or a Motion Sensor feature meaning the light will turn on at dusk and off at dawn. This feature saves energy by providing light only when it is most needed. This might be the best flood light for your yard

Description | Specifications | Features


  • The LED Flood light with Motion Sensor or Dusk-to-Dawn take high power LED chip as light source which will produce a massive 80-100 lumens for every watt of power compared to a humble 20 lumens of your old incandescent bulb.

  • Low heat emissions improve comfort where LEDs are used inside reducing air conditioning costs by 3-4%.

  • Unlike CFLs s (spiral type) and halide fittings Led fittings turn on instantly.

  • Experience the comfort of constant non-flickering led light. Reduces eye strain and tiredness.

  • With sensor or dusk to dawn switch, easy energy saving and security lighting.

  • The robust construction of led fittings IE there are no fragile glass filaments make them ideal for rugged environments.

  • LED floodlights last longer talking up to 30,000-50000 hours compared to 2000 of your incandescent bulb or 8000 of a CFL.

  • LED life is not reduced by frequent switching on and off.

  • No U.V or Infra red emissions so your stock, food and clothing does not deteriorate.

  • Remove the TOXIC MERCURY hazard from your home CFL bulbs contain Mercury. LED lighting is 100% mercury free.

  • Suitable for applications of factories, gymnasiums, yard, advertising board, buildings, lawns, landscaping, garden designs and some other outdoor places where need flood lighting and lights decoration.

  • CE and ROHS approved to comply with Europe safety regulations.

  • 2 years warranty.


  • Power: 10W

  • LED chip: Bridgelux (80-100 lm/w)

  • One piece LED

  • Lighting angle: 120º

  • Working temperature: -40º to +55ºC

  • Net weight: 1kg

  • IP rating: IP65 waterproof

  • Colour temperature: Warm white (2700-3300K), Cool White (3500-5000K), Pure White (5500-7000K)K

  • Input voltage: 85-265Va.c. 50/60Hz or 12v/24v DC

  • Initial flux : approx 860 lm

  • Lifespan: ≥50,000Hrs, compares to halogen ≥2000hrs

  • Cable: Standard of 1 m 3core cable / cable with plug

  • Similar Products: 20W-50W LED Flood Light;3W LED Outdoor Spot Light


  • LED Floodlights with Motion Sensor/Dusk-to-Dawn

  • Dust-proof, moisture-proof design

  • Low power consumption / low conversion loss / low heat radiation.

  • High Efficency

  • Environment friendly

  • No UV, IR, mercury and other harmful materials.

  • Long lifespan.

  • No flickering.

  • Easy to install and maintain.

  • Can work with sensor activated light.

  • AC or DC voltage is available.

  • No MOQ request for sale.